Care and Sizing


In order for our garments to live for generations they need to be taken care of. All of our fabrics have been pre-washed, but cottons are susceptible to shrinking.  To prolong the life of our clothing we recommend washing on cold and hanging to dry. Any hand dyed fabrics should be washed separately and vintage knit wear should be dry-cleaned or hand washed and lay flat to dry.


Peasy Pant Sizing

Our sizing runs 0-3months, followed by ages 1-8.

We don’t make pieces between newborn and age 1, with the idea that the garments have life in your child’s closet. The pants should fit each child for 1-2 years on average


An anecdotal sizing example.

A 3 year-old can wear a size 2, or 4, depending on desired length. Size 2 will just reach the ankle and a size 4 will need to be rolled up.

A 5 year-old can do the same with a size 4 or 6.

If you have questions about sizing email



Size 0-3 months - waist 7" - waist expanded 10.5" - length 11"

Size 1yr - waist 7.5" - waist expanded 13" - length 15"

Size 2yr - waist 8" - waist expanded 14" - length 19"

Size 4yr - waist 9" - waist expanded 15.5" - length 22"

Size 6yr - waist 10" - waist expanded 16" - length 26.5"

Size 8yr - waist 12" - waist expanded 17" - length 29.5"